When you come to Tokyo for whatever the purpose, you might feel like getting around and explore the things in tokyo (unless you are resident of Tokyo).

Here, I explain a little about how to get a tour ticket with unlimited train/metro rides in Tokyo.
If you get this ticket, you can get on and off trains and metros as many as you want. (3/2015)
Types of a tour ticket
There are mainly two types of a tour ticket. Acturally there are more, but a ticket you might need is one of the two types.

1. Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass (Tokunai Pass)
The first one is Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass (Tokunai Pass).
With this ticket, you can have unlimited rides for JR train (excluding reserved seats).
This is valid for one day.
The price is 750 yen (about 6 USD) for adult.
You can explore the places such as Ueno, Akihabara, Shinjuku, Ryogoku, etc.
If you need more information, you can check its website.

2. Tokyo Tour Ticket (Tokyo Furii Kippu)
Another one is Tokyo Tour Ticket (Tokyo Furii Kippu).
With this ticket, you can not only have unlimited rides for JR train (excluding reserved seats), but also all metros in and around Tokyo.
This is also valid for one day.
The price is 1590 yen (about 13 USD) for adult.
You can explore almost everywhere easily with this ticket.
If you need more information, you can check its website.

How to get the ticket
There are two ways to get the ticket. One is at an office and the other is from a ticket machine.

1. Get the ticket at a ticket reservation office.
If you want to get the ticket at a proper office, then you can go to the ticket reservation office called "みどりの窓口(Midori No Madoguchi) or the travel service center called "びゅうプラザ(View Plaza).
An appearance of the office differs depending on the station where the offce is located, but for the most of offices, the sign is in colour of GREEN and the name "みどりの窓口" or "びゅうプラザ" is above the office entrance.

In this office, you just need to line a queue, and ask the staff for a tour ticket (either of Tokunai Pass or Tokyo Furii Kippu).
Most of the staff might be able to understand English.

2. Get the ticket from a ticket machine.
Another option to get the ticket is a ticket machine.
Firstly, you might find a machine showing a screen just like this.
There is English button at the top on the right hand side, but please do not press this because the types of tickets you can buy from English menu are limited somehow.
So, leaving the menu screen in Japanese, touch the "おとくなきっぷ" button encircled with a red line.
Then, touch the "次を見る" button encircled with line.
Touch the encircled button.
You might be able to distinguish tickets by the prices.
but just in case, if you want Tokunai Pass, touch red one.
If you want the other, touch blue one.
Then, choose the date you want to use the ticket.
you might be able to read arabic numbers, so this might be not a big problem.
Select the number of people who want to use.
Touch the green button to confirm.
And finally, insert cash or credit card (if you use card, PIN might be required)
This is how to get the ticket from a ticket machine.

I hope this could help you get around and explore Tokyo smoothly.

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